When a Dream Becomes a Reality

I couldn't explain it, the feeling I would get when I would walk into a crowded room, restaurant, meeting or space.  Immediately I would look for a place to put down my diabetic case; under a table, behind a flower pot, on a chair or at a coat check station.  I wasn't and have never been embarased about my diabetes, I was however embarassed about the case I carried my essential daily supplies in!

It was the black, nylon and clunky case that comes with almost every glucometer on the market.  I had managed to squeeze my 2 insulin pens and some pen needles into it which made it take on a odd and chunky shape.  If I was lucky, my wife would offer to carry it in her purse but even then it was still an eyesore.  I would scour the internet, garage sales, boutiques and blogs searching for a case that would accommodate my supples, lifestyle and fashion sense. There had to be a better way, I mean come on!  Diabetic deserve better!

During a visit to my neighborhood farmers market I saw a young girl had set up a booth informing visitors about Type 1 Diabetes!  Immediaetly I made my way over to the booth and began talking to the mom and her daughter about everything from T1D, treating lows, being a teenager with T1D and everything else we could think of!!

Then it happened!  It was as if the clouds parted, a ray of golden sushine shone down on and angels sang as woman made her way through the crowd towards me.  "I know you, you're Marc!  I follow you on Instagram. You do design thinking and I'm a designer!"  she said.  Within the next 3 minutes a conversation took place that would change ours, yours and countless diabetics lives!  

Reyes (was her name) told me she designed high end mens leather accessories.  I told her jokingly to make a high end leather diabetes case, we laughed, shook hands and walked away. 

A few months later she pinged me on Instagram, we met for coffee and a few weeks later, Dropp Kitt was launched.  We have endured hours of design, business planning and preparing for our Fall 2018 launch and can not wait to see what the future holds for our little startup!  Thank you  for being a part of our diabetic community and believing in us!


- Marc, Co-Founder