Meet the team and Ambassadors working everyday to bring you Dropp Kitt.  We all believe that "Diabetics Deserve Better"!


MARC HANS - Co-Founder


Marc was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 12 and has never looked back.  His career has seen milestones as an award winning educator, serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and 3x founder.  Design thinking, innovation and helping other bring their ideas to life keep Marc going day to day.

As a Chicago native, Marc enjoys his family, Crossfit, motownl music, skateboards and a perfecting pulled espresso.


REYES WITT - Co-Founder


Reyes is no stranger to the bustling industry of accessories, her tenure consists of working for fashion giants like Coach and Ralph Lauren where she acquired a wealth of experience developing luxury goods. She holds a degree in Accessories Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

With multiple diabetics in her family she firsthand saw the need for better designed products for diabetics.  A California native, you can find her with her husband and 2 children strumming guitars and enjoying the great outdoors.